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I am available for gallery showings, just drop me an email to get my private phone number and we'll talk..!! I'm also available to do album covers, rock posters, one-of-a-kind collectable art pieces, ETC.

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It has come to my attention that some folks would like to see more of my work. Folks, just click on the links with my name or DLN, etc. and follow other links. I know this site is crappy, but what do you expect from someone who's learned html on the fly..and don't even ask me about java script..or xml for that matter. My sites are WYSIWYG BABY..!!

Yes..yes...I drew all these dirty pictures. I'm a published cartoonist (slash) Pin-up's what I do!! GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS ..and yet more GIRLS..Nekkid Girls!! Dirty Girls, Bad Girls, Nice Girls, Cute Girls, Big Beautiful Girls...girls who don't wear underwear beneath those cheerleader outfits, Girls in those skimpy bathing suits, Girls in those hot little tennis outfits, School Girls (Over 18 of course), Dominatrix Girls, Sluty Girls, Punk wife's a GIRL..or rather very "girly"..!! You get the picture...!!

Welcome to Dean L. Norton's BLATANT PLUG v1.1..!! This site, as old as it is, has been mostly unchanged since around 1998. Yes this site is old..very old and has not been updated with the exception of this text here. I do however have a new DOMAIN which you can connect to and from there, link to my new site BLATANT PLUG v2k.5 My new domain is:

This new site will be my main base of operations (webpage wise) until something developes, or I get bored or whatever...till then, my thanks goes out to those who have supported me up until now!! Thank you most generously!! -D.L.Norton

On October 19th, 2002 there was a JAPANESE INVASION!! Yes, it was the FAR EAST NETWORK! It made an appearance at 3 Deuces Gallery in "Oh So Lovely" Midtown Riverside, California! I was there and even had a "brand new" pic or two from my own portfolios to show! Too bad you missed the fun! There was the usual eats and beverages and a few bands showed up to liven up the evening! First to go on was The Lords Of Altamont..very cool! And then no other than AGENT ORANGE graced us with their classics!! Remember "Bloodstains" ?? What about "Everything Turns Grey" ?? It was so cool!!

I will not consider any small canvas or 9x11 commissions for less than $150.00. I will not do anymore pencil or pen&ink commissions. I know this may sound mean and nasty but right now my time is *WAY* too precious and I need most of it to concentrate on my artwork.

I will do only commissions that will incorporate my "girls" (PIN-UPS) in them. THEME POSSIBILITIES: Hot Rods and Babes, Girls In Bondage, Bomber Nose Type Art, Nekkid Chicks...y'know, the classy stuff!!

Comic book stores in Dubai

In the 18th century, a new form of art was born in Japan that unites visual arts, graphics, storylines and, later, new worlds. In Europe that art was not known until 1830s but its real breakthrough it got in the United States only a century later, in 1933. That new art is widely known as comic books. It got that name because of the first commercial comic books that had a humorous tone and was created to make people laugh. Today, comics are known to be fiction stories that often create whole new worlds, but there are also many comic books that feature stories of all kinds of genres.

The widest known are DC and Marvel comics, but before their time there were many others that handled about love and romance, life, crime and mystery. In every part of the world you can find at least one comic book store, and if that is not the case, than you can buy ones on newsstands and get them delivered by mail.

The art of graphic design with a storyline called comic books, came to Dubai just recently and since then there are two big comic book shops where you can fulfill all your needs. So don't worry, in case you are in the beautiful city Dubai for the first time, you will find your way and there is always a Dubai escort you can ask for help. But it is not a big surprise that the comic books came to Dubai, because it is a tradition to be a geek in the Middle East. Yeah, really, even Jordan's King Abdul II starred in Star Trek episode, because he was a great fan and wanted to be a part of the story.

Shopping for comic books in Dubai

In case you are wondering where you can go and buy some comic books in Dubai, then here are a few places. The great Dubai Mall has a shop called Kinokuniya where you can buy everything from manga comic books to those meant for children. They also have a few stores where you can enjoy and buy everything a fan would want to and find even some events to enjoy the comic worlds. One of those events are the Geekay Games that take place on various locations all around Dubai. You can play games there, meet new people and even trade comics, it is something like Comic-Con, but without the famous people and the convention part.

If you love manga and sushi, then there is a heavenly place in Dubai just for you. Again in the Dubai Mall, you can find a restaurant called Manga Sushi where the interior is decorated with many pictures and comic books in manga style, it looks like a futuristic space ship. The manga characters featured on the pictures and comics there are original and their own, so you will be able to see something you could not see before and spend some time exploring it. Their menu is a, as they call it, innovative and modern Japanese food menu, but one is sure - the food is great, so you should try it out.

Dubai is not only a city for people who want to feel and see the futuristic world, it is a place where everyone can find almost everything that interests him, so don't be shy and go and visit the city of wonders, gold and amazing architecture.

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