LAKEWOOD, COLORADO 4-21-2006.. Things have been topsy-turvy here in Lakewood since our move here last November of 2004. We've had little snow and very little rain.

Any rate..My business tanked, So yers truly had to find REAL a Denver door manufacturer of all places.. *sigh* At least it brings the extra $$$ in. What did I get myself into? If you want more news than what I have here about what I'm doing, click on my LiveJournal link back on page one..I also have my deviantArt link there if you'de like to see more of my art..

Shit...I need more tattoos.. -DLN

I appreciate all Art Users and my fans (past, present & future), who pay or not. If it wasn't for these people, my work would probably have never gotten the coverage I have now, or will ever have. It's them who I'm indebted to.

Reverend Dan the Board-Ops site...MUSIC FOR NIMRODS!! Download his Podcasts and listen in to some of the better offerings on So-Cal radio!! The Rev would play what I call.. "TRUE" alternative...not this rehashed shit the corporations want us to hear. He used to be on station KPFK...until he was uncermoniously kick off the air. This was around 1997-1998 I'd say. SO I basically had nothing to listen to during my nightwatchman job between 2am and 6am. SO I floundered for years until I rediscovered him..on line!! But he's now back on the air in L.A. on station KXLU!! Of course now I live in the Denver area...*gripe n' groan*...but you can tune in his show on iTunes or whatever you use and hear for yourself his true genius!!

I used to listen to these guys in the very early 80's. They came on after Rodney on the ROQ on KROQ on Sunday night. KROQ back then used to be located in Pasadena on Los Robles..they've since moved the station deeper into the bowels of L.A. The Young Marquis and Stanley show was totally off the hook in those days. My usual radio listening on Sunday nights was 4 hours of Dr. Demento on KMET, (Now KTWV..The Wave) then I'd tune in Dr. D's syndicated 2 hour show on a local station in Riverside, CA., KOLA..then when that went off at Midnight(?)..I'd tune in The Young Marquis's show. These guys were NUTS..with a capital "N"..!!