I will not do any canvas works above 24"x36" for less than $500.00 and I usually will require all monies up front before I start *any* project. If you want pre-lim drawings before a finished product, I will tag on an extra price per pre-lim sketch which would be from $25.00US to $100.00US. Frames will be extra as well.

I also retain the right to refuse any job I see fit for any reason. Telling me stuff like: "Well don't you want to make money?" will put you on my sh*t list *REAL* damn quick..!! I have a pretty good business and job so I'm pretty copesetic.

BUT alas..all good things have to come to an end. Last November, 3 Dueces had to shut down. Yes, I was bummed. So now the search is on to find another place to have these kinds of shows. I'll let you all know as soon as I get more info..

Greetings and salutations all you daddy-o's, gearheads, greasemonkeys, bikers and their biker babes, roller babes, party gals, chicks, lonely housewives, sexually obsessed, freaks, tattooed white trash, punks, beatniks, skanks, circus midgets wearing a strap-on...and SexKitten's riding Fire Breathing Rice Burners!!

I know the last show with Marco Almera was real hit and I have a feeling this showing will soar to new heights!! There will be bands, (unknown who's playing at this time) food and drink! In addition, there will also be many clothes items and gift items for sell as well!!

BANDS! I do have an ultra-special deal for bands!! (Hopefully rock-a-billy, etc.) Most of the time I will not charge a dime. Basically, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.. ;-) I love to do album/cd cover art, promotional art, flyer art..etc. Sometimes I'll do art for a band for no reason...just because... I'm crazy like that..!!! Contact me!!

Now that you made it this far...still interested? GOOD!! Then please email me at the link below and let's talk!